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Are you also getting it in hand as soon as you comb your hair ? If so then you need to be careful. It is said that long thick and dark hair is an important part of the beauty of girls. If you have a good face and your hair is thin, dry and lifeless, then your whole look can be spoiled. At the same time, girls do not know how many products are used to get long hair, but using them not only causes damage to the hair, as well as many times, despite spending money on expensive products, the hair is neither growing nor thick and gets stronger. This means that your hair is not getting proper nutrition. In such a situation, you have to pay attention to some home remedies. This hair remedy is so effective that within a few days your hair will be the same as before. So let’s know. About those home remedies, by using which your hair will become thick, thick and shiny –

Due to the changing weather, people are in bad condition. In the same summer, the effect of sweat and strong sunlight not only affects our health, but it also affects our hair. Due to which the problem of hair fall and breakage becomes common. At the same time, the growth of hair stops, in such a situation, it is understood that what we should use and how to use it so that both the breakage and fall of hair stops and our hair comes back again. So let’s know about the tips, with the help of which the lost shine of your hair will be returned. In addition, the length of the hair will also increase. The sign and volume of hair growth can be reduced due to many reasons. It may be that your food habits are not good at all or you do not take good care of your hair. Hair growth can be reduced due to many reasons. It may be that your food habits are not good at all or you do not take good care of your hair.


Use these tips for healthy hair –


  •  Drinking beetroot juice doubles the health of hair. This reduces hair fall and breakage. Vitamin-C, vitamin-B6, magnesium, potassium and protein found in beetroot work to strengthen the hair.
  •  Heat coconut oil in a small pan. Then put 8 to 10 curry leaves in it. When these leaves turn black, then turn off the gas. Then leave it to cool down. After this, massage your hair with it and leave it for 5-6 hours then wash it with lukewarm water. You will feel that your hair is shining more than before.
  • The same, drinking green tea also improves the health of the hair. Doctors also advise to drink it. Green tea improves hair growth by rejuvenating the follicles. So from now on, instead of drinking milk tea in the morning, drink green tea.
  •  Hair care products come in the market today, which are effective against harmful ultraviolet radiation. But the disadvantage of shampoos with UV protection is that they are loaded with toxic chemicals. Skincraft’s hair care experts recommend running your hands gently through your hair after applying sunscreen to your face or hands. Trimming your hair ensures that there are no split ends. Plus, trimming makes your hair easier to manage. Don’t worry about the length.
  • Take black soil in a bowl and take 1 cup sour curd. Now add a little water to it and make a thick paste. Now you have to apply it in the hair with the help of a hair brush, then leave it to dry. After that wash off with clean water. Make sure to remove the soil from the hair by rubbing it with your hand, otherwise it will stick. Your hair will get full nutrition with this home remedy.
  •  Conditioning helps to add a layer of protection to our hair cuticles, which are usually prone to damage by environmental invaders. In summers, you can consider deep conditioning treatments for added moisture. There are many types of such treatments available in the market. They have high and good conditioning capacity and long vacation time. You should try on them, otherwise if you want, you can also use home made conditioner.
  • Mix 1 egg white with 2 teaspoons of fresh Aloe Vera gel to make your hair shiny. Then apply it on the hair and leave it for half an hour. Shampoo his bass hair. If you want, you can steam the hair before applying aloe vera. This will strengthen the roots of the hair and will not break the hair.
  •  The same curry leaves found in homes acts as a tonic for hair. By applying oil or hair pack made from it, the color of the hair also remains intact and the hair grows faster. To apply it, take a bowl of curry leaves and half a cup of coconut oil. Heat both these things and then filter it and cool it. Apply this oil on the roots along with your hair. Massage the head with this oil and then after 1 hour wash the head with shampoo.


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