Cristano Ronaldo is a well known Football player and he is so much popular because of this huge and super expensive high performance car collection. He got a car collection worth  94,50,12,000.00 which is 12 Million dollars in total. He has many supercars like Buggati, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentaly, Rolls Royce, Maclaren and many more just named the supercar and he has it in his garage. But on 21 June, when he was on a holiday with his family on an Island in Spain, the incident happened when had to ship his Buggati Veryon to the island in Spain.

The car is so rare and expensive and there are only a few of them around the world. The car gets smashed into the wall of a house in spain. The Buggati Veryon has so much power and the car also won the title of world’s fastest car in the world when it was launched. 

As per the updates the Buggati was driven by his bodyguard when he was heading towards the villa, the car get out of control and got smashed into a wall. The driver got no injuries but the front side of the car gets major dents and it will cost a lot of money to get it repaired. Further his Bodyguard added the car is extremely powerful and very rare and accident happened because he didn;t able to handle the power of the car and hit the wall of a house. He has taken all the responsibility in the Accident. And no one was harmed in this accident, he added. 

After the accident the person who was driving the car existes the car and continues the travel with footballer cristiano also a staff member leave behind with the car to deal with the authorities and after that the car wraps in a blue traplin on a tow truck.

The supercar is of his favorite car and as per the sources the car has some dents on the grill, bumper and splitter but the passenger side needs repair because the passenger side of the Buggati got major damage.


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