Nitin  Gadkari, the man who has been entrusted with the task of reviving the country’s automobile industry, has set a target of making it worth ₹15 lakh crore by 2025.

  The vision document was released on Monday by Gadkari, who also holds the portfolio of road transport and highways in the Narendra Modi government.

Gadkari said that he wants to transform India into a ‘ globally competitive automobile manufacturer’ in five years. He added that he wants to make this industry worth ₹15 lakh crore by 2025 and create employment for one million people.

The vision document also includes plans to use technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to make cars safer and more efficient. The minister said that India needs to have a ‘robust digital ecosystem’ for self-driving vehicles.

Nitin Gadkari, the BJP leader and Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, has said that he dreams to make the automobile industry worth ₹15 lakh crore by 2025.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gadkari shared his vision for the automobile sector in India. He said that he wants to increase the share of passenger vehicles in overall vehicle sales in the country to 40% by 2020 from 27% currently and 50% by 2030 from 27%.

He also wants to ensure that every Indian drives an electric vehicle by 2030. The minister also said that he wants to double public transport usage in the country by 2022 and make it affordable for everyone.

The target is expected to be achieved through investments in technologies, infrastructure and vehicles.

Gadkari said that the government will invest in developing new technologies and strengthening capacities at state automotive manufacturing units to boost exports.

He added that he is planning to do many changes and give chances to the youth and he also said that the Automobile industry is his favorite and he wants to make the Indian automobile industry the number one Auto hub around the world.

Nitin Gadkari also pointed out that, as vehicles are increasing day by day on Indian roads it is important to make the vehicle more safer to reduce accidental deaths ratio. Also he further added that the ratio of accidents is increasing every year and because of the less safety features the Death Ratio is on the higher side and to reduce the accidental death, he called the automakers and wants to know what their opinion on this issue is. 

Nitin Gadkari Added that new and modern technologies are now necessary to adopt in road engineering as well as in Vehicle Engineering. During a conference Intel showed their AI- powered Fleet Safety Solution. The main aim of this AI Powered fleet safety is to avoid collision and  driver monitoring and this can also help in fuel efficiency. This AI powered Fleet Safety Feature is designed for Indian Roads and also Tested on the Indian Roads. Intel claimed that this will avoid 40 – 60% collision and also they estimated it will reduce overall damage by 50%.


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