India is a country with a large number of vehicles. There are 6 million two-wheelers, about 500,000 cars and about 1 million tractors. The number of vehicles is increasing every day but do you know that car accidents are becoming more common in the country? Car accidents can happen because of many reasons like reckless driving, drunk driving and over speeding but most importantly because of our poor behaviour on the roads.
Reckless and rash driving.
Reckless and rash driving is the most common cause of car accidents in India. This can be caused by a number of factors, including:
● Driving without regard for the safety of other road users
● Driving too fast for conditions (for example, when it’s raining)
● Being distracted by something else that requires your attention
Drunk driving.
Drunk driving is illegal in India and it’s a crime. According to law, if someone gets caught driving after consuming alcohol, he or she will be fined and punished by law.
Drunk driving is a serious offence that can lead to death or injury of another person as well as damage their property severely. There are many instances where drivers have lost their lives due to drunk driving accidents caused by them behind the wheel of their cars which may have been involved in similar cases earlier too!
Over-speeding is a major cause of accidents in India, as it is in most countries with highways. It happens because drivers do not have enough time to react when they hit the brakes or miss the red light and so forth.
This can be prevented by following traffic laws, especially those concerning speed limits: never exceed them; if you are driving an expensive car then pay attention to how fast your vehicle can go before causing an accident!
Using mobile phone while driving.
● Using mobile phone while driving.
Using a mobile phone while driving is dangerous and can lead to accidents, as well as serious injuries or death. Research shows that even small distractions such as looking at the road ahead or talking on the phone are enough to increase your risk of an accident by up to 70%. You should also be aware that you may not be able to use all of your senses when you’re using your phone, so if there’s an emergency call coming through or someone needs help urgently then they might not receive it because you’ve been distracted by other things. It’s important not only for yourself but also others around you who rely on cars being driven safely every day – taking care never exceed speeds above 30 miles per hour (48km/h), always wear seatbelts properly fitted into their vehicle seats before getting into them themselves (and always buckle up!), stay alert behind steering wheels during long journeys; observe traffic signs; obey traffic rules at all times!
Ignoring traffic rules and road signs.
You know that traffic rules and road signs are important, but sometimes you might not follow them. If you don’t follow the rules, then it is more likely for an accident to happen in front of your eyes.
If there is a traffic jam near where you are driving, then it’s always better to wait for some time until the jam clears up before proceeding with your journey or drive through it quickly without taking any risk involved in doing so. In case if there isn’t any sign board informing about such restrictions (which usually happens when there are lots of vehicles), then ask someone else who knows how these things work best!
Mechanical defects of vehicles, like tyre burst etc.
Mechanical defects, like tyre burst etc., can cause accidents.
Tire burst: This is a common cause of accidents and injuries. A sudden loss of air pressure in one or more tyres causes them to explode causing injury to the occupants and damage to surrounding objects. The force generated by this explosion can be enough to shatter windshields and injure passengers inside vehicles or pedestrians nearby who may also be affected by debris from exploding tyres flying through the air as they roll over onto others who are in their path.

Poor behaviour on the roads are the primary cause for car accidents in India.
● Driving on the wrong side of the road
● Driving at high speed
● Driving in a rash manner
● Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including cannabis) and/or having been drinking alcohol prior to driving (which is illegal)
● Talking on a mobile phone while driving, even if you are using hands-free technology. This behaviour is called distracted driving and can cause serious accidents. It also increases your risk of being involved in an accident by up to 20 times more than if you were not using your phone at all! * Reading books or newspapers while driving is another common one which can lead to accidents; however, this doesn’t apply only to drivers but also pedestrians who might cross paths with them through their actions such as reading text messages while crossing roads.

In conclusion, car accidents in India are caused by multiple factors. The most common cause is reckless and rash driving. Drunk driving, over-speeding, using mobile phone while driving, ignoring traffic rules and road signs are also a major contributor towards this problem. Poor behaviour on the roads are the primary cause for car accidents in India.


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