In today’s time headache is becoming a common problem among the people. There can be many reasons for headache. One of these reasons is the formation of gas in the stomach. Headache also starts due to gas formation. In such a situation, you should immediately do these measures, you will get rid of it soon  .

Diseases like gas formation in the stomach, acidity have become common in today’s time. Especially when we keep eating different types of fried things, due to this there is a severe pain in the stomach, chest or sometimes even in the head in the form of acidity. At that time it just seems that the pain should be relieved as soon as possible. So the article is going to be special for you, so let’s know about those measures –

Gas headache

Why is the problem of gas formation

The problem of gas is seen in people, when we eat more sour, spicy, spicy food, stay up till late night, drink less water, anger, anxiety, sitting in one place for a long time etc. . Apart from this, some pulses and vegetables are also such, which makes gas.

Drinking too much tea also causes gas. It causes pain in stomach, back, chest, head, loss of appetite, belching, burning sensation in chest and stomach. There are problems like dizziness. For this, these home remedies can be useful for you.

According to experts, due to the excessive secretion of acid by the gastric glands of the stomach, gas and other problems start to form. Apart from the treatment from the doctor, you can also get relief from it with the help of home remedies. We will tell you about some such things, which can eliminate gas in the stomach.


Can Gas Cause Headache?

Yes, gas can cause headaches. Are you wondering how can gas cause headaches? Essentially, there are certain causes that lead to intestinal gas: swallowing air and bacteria that help indigestion.


You may be surprised to know that you swallow up to two quarts of air while eating and drinking. Precisely, half of the swallowed air passes through the intestines and is released from the rectum, and you burp the other half.


When it comes to bacteria that foster digestion, they sometimes do not fully digest some carbohydrates and sugars. This indigestion releases gas. Holding excess gas can cause abdominal pain, stomach cramps, dizziness, and eventually headaches.

Therefore, you may be more prone to headaches if you experience frequent gastrointestinal symptoms.


Use lemon and ginger

Take one teaspoon each of lemon juice and ginger, then add a little black salt to it and eat it after eating, it improves digestion power and also removes the problem of gas.


 Consume ajwain powder

Take the powder of carom seeds with warm water, it provides relief from gas and indigestion. Put 2 – 3 small myrobalan in your mouth and keep sucking, it will be beneficial.


Consume Fenugreek and Jaggery

Boil fenugreek seeds and jaggery in water and drink it after filtering it, you will get relief in gas. People whose body is weak, dizzy or cannot digest hot things, they should not use fenugreek seeds.

Consume dry ginger

Mix half a teaspoon dry ginger powder and a little rock salt in half a teaspoon of myrobalan and eat it with warm water after a meal, it will be beneficial. Mix two pinches of ground turmeric with two pinches of salt and drink it with warm water.

Include these things in food, you will get relief

Mix roasted asafetida and black salt and eat it with hot water, it will be relaxing. Eat tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers with black salt and eat it, it will be beneficial.


 use yogurt

The properties present in curd can keep us away from many other problems, not only gas in the stomach. Doctors also recommend consuming curd to keep the stomach healthy. Often face the problem of gas in the stomach, then you must eat curd. You can include curd in your diet in two ways. One, you can make buttermilk and drink it daily in the afternoon. Or it can be eaten by adding black salt to curd.


Cumin and ginger are beneficial for gas

Put black salt on a piece of ginger and put it in the mouth and keep sucking, gradually the gas will stop. Take a spoonful of cumin and boil it in two cups of water for 10-15 minutes. Now let it cool down and drink it after meals.


 Drink these things by putting them in water

If you are having trouble drinking only hot water, then you should heat 1 teaspoon of carom seeds or cumin seeds in the water till it boils. When the water becomes hot enough, filter that water and keep it in a separate vessel to cool down. After that drink that water for 2 times a day. Doing this regularly for a few days will reduce your problem.


Powder can be used

Prepare a mixture by mixing cumin, carom seeds, black salt and asafoetida powder kept in your home. And take only 2 grams of powder with water twice a day. By doing this, you get a lot of relief in taking out the gas from the stomach.


Drink warm water in the morning

If you are regularly troubled by the problem of gas. So you should adopt the habit of drinking hot water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Drinking hot water not only clears the stomach but also makes it easier for you to pass gas. So make it a habit to drink hot water every morning.


Black salt will also remove gas problem

People troubled by the problem of gas should take black salt, which keeps cool in the stomach. Also, if you drink a pinch of black salt in water in the morning. Even then you can get rid of the problem of gas. This recipe is the best and easiest home remedy to get rid of stomach gas immediately.

 Can use yoga

If you do not want to try any recipe for gas problem, then you can also resort to yoga. You can eliminate the gas formed in the stomach from the root by doing Pawanmuktasana, Paschimottanasana and Kapalbhati Yoga Kriya, which is best and very effective in removing gas.



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