We all know there is always a competition between Ferrari and Lamborghini, both of the brands are well and everybody knows about both of the cars. Countries like India, love for these two Supercars are on another level. Lamborghini and Ferrari always give a tough competition to each other and that’s the reason, this controversy takes Lamborghini to another level. There are so many myths about Ferrari; like they don’t allow their customers to paint their Ferrari PINK. you have to get permission before modifying your Ferrari, but this is the truth. On the other hand Lamborghini didn’t have such type of rules. There is one more reason why Lambo gets so much love from Indians is because of a Well known Rapper Honey singh. For the very first time he introduced Lambo in his Rap songs and that’s the era where Lambo got famous and in India. After that many of the rappers used his idea and became famous because that was the time of Tata Indica and Tata Sumo but the Singer has changed all the things. Lamborghini became the most loved Supercar in India till Now. 

The automobile brand Ferrari was founded in 1947 in ITALY by Enzo Ferrari. The car hasn’t gained much love but it is known to everyone. And from 1947 to 2022 Ferrari made only High performance supercars and race cars. They also declined many times when they got asked about when they were launching their SUV. But the time has changed and after Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bently and Alfa Romeo, Ferrari is going to introduce their first Super SUV. And it will be named as Ferrari Purosangue, there are some leaked pictures of Ferrari’s SUV when the car is on the road for testing with comflague on it. But to be clear the Ferrari is making something different. As per the updates it will be more like a crossover than a full Blown SUV.


Ferrari hasn’t revealed its interior till now. The car will be more like a Rolls Royce Cullian and you can expect its launch in 2022. The car may come with a v12 Engine with All Wheel Drive Terrain and as we know it’s an Ferrari SUV so you can’t expect a good mileage from it because Ferrari work on performance and Power. They are a well known reputed brand and work on performance oriented cars. And that’s the reason why Ferrari owners never talk about their cars mileage. The upcoming SUV Purosangue will be a power packed SUV and will compete with the URUS, Bentayga, Aston Martin DBX, the car Features and all the other aspect like Interior Design, Features, Power figures will be out on the Launch Date which is still not Disclosed by the Ferrari Officials. But you can expect the car to be launched in 2022 for sure.


Description – In this article we have talked about the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue and we also discussed the features and history of the Ferrari. You will get to see the comparison between the Urus and also we discussed the Rivals of the Ferrari Purosangue SUV in this article.



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