The price of petrol is rising day by day and on the other side, the sales figures for cars are increasing every year. But in all this, there is someone who has started making space in Indian hearts as well as in the Indian car market.

Awarded as Best electric car. After its launch, the way of thinking of Indian guys has changed a lot. Because it is from a well-known brand with MADE IN INDIA stamp and the car belongs to TATA Lion Family known as Tata NEXON EV.

When it gets launched the company claims the range of 312 Km on full battery charge but it will depend on your driving style.

The claimed Average by the owner is somewhere between 212-290 depending on the driving style.

The price of the new Tata Nexon EV max is Rs 19.21 Lakh for the top model and if you really wanted to buy a car for daily office going at economical rates the Tata Nexon EV max will be a great choice to go for.

1 Tata Altroz EV

The first in our list is a Tata Altroz EV. The estimated price is Rs 14.00 Lakh. And the estimated launch date for the Tata Altroz EV is 13 Aug 2022.

The car has potential to reach 0-100 in 11.9 sec. If you want a hatchback with good performance and features then you can go with the Tata Altroz EV. It has the sharpest look in its segment with a meter reading of 220Km/per but you can achieve 160 – 165 easily with good handling. All thanks to Tata build quality because of its 5 star rating the Tata Altroz EV is much heavier than its rival but the engineering of Tata Engineer has made a legend. Talking about its kerb weight which is around 1036 kg.

The length is same as the Altroz petrol there is no change in the exterior also you will get the same interior and exterior and the major change is in the color scheme which Tata offer in all of its EVs is which is the Blue color which the only thing that tells whether its is gas or Electric variant.

2 Mahindra XUV300 Electric

The next product from Mahindra is the Mahindra XUV 300 electric. The company hasn’t declared any name for their electric variant. So we call it the XUV300 electric.

Talking about the Concept which has shown in the below image is like Same as XUV300 but no one how it will actually looks like but in the 2018 auto the company actually revealed its concept but the time has changed a lot and because of the pandemic the car launches has also gets postpone for years but now everything gets sorted and the expected schedule is happens to be in 2023 Aug.

3. Tata Sierra EV

The number 3 is another car from Tata which is a legend of its time, the only car which has 2 spoke steering which is the same steering wheel which is used by Skoda in its premium cars like Octavia. But bro time has changed and it’s time for our legend to rule the Indian road again with Tata Sierra Ev will break all the sales award because of its range and features. Tata has also added that they are going revive the legend with modern features and best in segment look which had never before. The estimated price is around 14.00 Lakh and the expected date of launch is 1 Mar 2023!!!

4.Hyundai IONIQ EV

The next car is from a well known reputed car manufacturer known as Hyundai. They are going to launch their first electric sedan which will be named as Hyundai IONIQ. The range will be somewhere between 311 km of range on a full charger battery. The Company also added they are making something which is like never before, the advanced driving assistance which is called Hyundai smart assistance that will make your ride more secure. The company has done a lot of work on its exterior with super catchy design language that makes it look smart.

The smart sedan also has an all electric powertrain and reaches 0-100 in 10.2 sec which is claimed by officials.

The expected launch date is 1April 2023. The expected price is Rs20.00 lakh.




The last car in our list is my personal favorite and I am dieing for its launch, just like the ola scooter which is a big success for OLA. The launch of Ola Car will make a huge difference because if Ola is making something it will be totally different when it comes to segment. And the biggest thing which makes everyone wait for it is its price. The expected price will fall between Rs7.50 Lakh to 8.00 Lakh. And the estimated date is 15 Dec 2023, as you can see in the pictures below, the car is totally different the design language the aerodynamic everything looks like a parallel universe can and if the car launch like this as they shown in the concept then it will be the best looking electric car under 10.00 Lakh. Company also says that the car will be a sedan, a wide sedan with modern features and security on offer.



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