The new car market is growing and it is a great time to get a new car. If you are wondering if you need to buy a new car or not in 2022, then this comparison will help you decide.

The VIRTUS VS SLAVIA is an excellent example of how advanced engineering makes all the difference in the world of technology. It also shows how much better things can be with the right combination of technology and design.

Both cars have their pros and cons, but overall they are both excellent choices for people who want something that is modern, stylish and fun to drive.

Virtus is the widest sedan in its segment with a lot of features. It has a spacious cabin and is equipped with an array of safety features, including autonomous driving technology. The car also has many options that can be changed according to your preferences. The car is expensive when compared to Salvia, but it is worth every penny.

Slavia has become popular after its launch because it is affordable and reliable. The car is affordable for most people, even those who are on a budget. It comes with many features that make it easier for you to drive safely and efficiently in any condition or situation.

So, in this comparison we are picking top of the line variants of both cars:

                                Volkswagen Virtus vs Skoda Slavia

The variants we are choosing are GT Plus 1.5 TSI EVO DSG and Style 1.5L TSI DSG.

(EX Showroom)

₹ 17.92 Lakh                                                                                ₹ 18.39 Lakh

Both of the Cars are best in their design language and also share some common features. They both share the same platform and they share the same engine but what makes them different from one another,and which one will be more value for money. Let’s check it out.


When it comes to exterior the Volkswagen has done a great job and the design language of Virtus is far better then Skoda Slavia. If you are that type of guy who falls for looks then you are going to fall in love with Virtus., Even though they look very similar to each other. The outer body tells a lot about your car. The design language is very excellent in Slavia and it looks like an elder brother with a mustache. The car is not that much sharper like Virtus is, but the type of design language Slavia has is new and fresh. On the other hand, Virtus looks more younger and Sporty. Meanwhile Slavia has a tough look. The way of design Slavia has is something which is hard to find. They have done a more different look then any car you are going to choose. So if you are looking for a different car with a clean look you can go with the Skoda Slavia. On the other hand if you want a wide sedan with extremely good sharp look then Virtus is going to be your next car. The front look of Virtus based on JETTA which is not that much popular but it’s a great car for tuning.

Better Fit & Finish

A better fit and finish is an important thing, if you want something for a long time. A car plays an important role in your life, Whether it is a long drive or something else. Talking about the Fit and Finish, the Virtus has a decent and organized Dashboard and with perfect fit and finish. There is no fancy thing inside the cabin, it is simple and consistent, but on the other side Slavia Dashboard makes you harder to impress by adding edgy panels and they also make noise when you press it harder. The Slavia owner also complains about the Dash fit and finish, they find Slavia Dashboard parts are not well organized and fitted and when your car crosses a rough path or potholes, the parts of Dashboard makes a lot of noise as well.


Safety Features

Talking about the safety features both of the cars equipped with 6 airbags and over Speeding warning. And there are some common safety features that both of the car have are Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Child Seat Anchor Points, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Hill Hold Control, Traction Control System (TC/TCS), Limited Slip Differential (LSD).

Entertainment, Information & Communication

Both of the cars come in Integrated (in-dash) Music System with 6 speakers but you will get a separate subwoofer in Skoda Slavia which gives extra bass and more clear music in the cabin. Steering mounted controls are available in both cars and these cars have all the basic features like Bluetooth, AUX, C type charging socket and Wireless charger.

Conclusion: At the end it up to you both the cars are very similar but there is a huge difference in their Body Design. One is sporty with Sharper looks and the other one is bold and simple. Let me help you with this lets make this simple, if you want a sporty car with aggressive body language you can go for Volkswagen Virtus or if you want a car in Budget with nominal design Language with all the necessary features then Slavia will be a great choice to go for and in bae variant you will find Slavia more cheaper then the Virtus, so it all up to you, both the cars are good in all the aspects.



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