As in India most of the people buy SUVs and Compact SUVs, and the trend of compact Suv Segment is on another level in India because of some legendary cars. The name which is known to everyone is Tata Nexon. Have you ever thought about why people used to buy compact SUVs rather than the full size SUV? The answer is the Car Tax system of India. The car size is fully responsible for the tax which you are going to pay. As we all have heard about 4 Sub metre Suv, this is the segment where most of the top selling cars like Breeza, Nexon, Venue falls. And in 2022 compact suv segment is getting more love from the customers all over in India. There is time when there are only few car segment to choose from, but now the car industry has grown a lot and now we have a wide range of car segments like MPV, SUV, SEDAN, HATCHBACK, and that’s not the end these all ar parent segment, they all have more then 3 segment in them with a wide range of car options you can choose through.
Talking about the Car Tax System in India, this is totally different. The car tax depends upon the length. Like if you are going to buy a car more than 4 metres then you have to pay 43% tax and on the other hand if you are going with a car which is under 4 metres then you have to pay only 29% tax. Let’s take an example to figure it out easily. So i am gonna take the best selling cars with common features. The first car is a Maruti Suzuki Brezza and the second one is Hyundai Creta. Both of the cars have common features and they look similar in size….. BUT Why is Creta expensive?? Both are compact suv and both have similar features and both are best selling products then why Brezza is cheaper then the Creta? The answer is Length. There is a bit of difference in length. The Breeza has a length of 3995mm and Hyundai Creta has 4300mm total length and that makes it expensive. The Brezza is under 4 Metre while the Creta is 4300 MM and that shows the person who is going to buy a Hyundai Creta for himself has to pay 43%tax rather than the Brezza guy who has to pay 29% tax which makes Brezza cheaper.


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